How Does Wood Choice Affect Your Furniture: [Risk of Termite Damage]

How Does Wood Choice Affect Your Furniture: [Risk of Termite Damage]

The Indian wood panel industry is constantly coming up with new building materials, with the change in time, some products have sustained their quality and serviceability, while the others have not been able to cater to the changing dynamics of the market. 

Termite War

Along the same lines, there have been extensive studies and research that have proved the termite war against the United States is something to worry about and Soon if no action is taken, these about 60 odd varieties of termites are bound to destroy about 50 million US $ worth of property and asset. Termites will bore into and eat the wooden framework and there is absolutely nothing that can stop them. If one works on the numbers this damage is far more than rats, mice or weevils cause and sometimes beyond the damage caused by natural disasters.

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Wood naturally has cellulose which attracts termites and borers. No matter the quality of plywood, sooner or later this problem is sure to arise. Even pest control services or the best quality of plywood will not be able to give a permanent solution. 

Pest Control Services

During the entire journey, even termites are becoming smarter and can circumvent man. Pest control services are a billion-dollar industry, thanks to the lack of sustainable, permanent termite control solutions. This enemy is difficult to fight as they don’t show any signs initially but slowly eat away the wood and make the entire building hollow and lifeless.

Considering all these challenges, it is better to switch to 100% termite proof, waterproof, flame retardant and smoke suppressant alternate to wood- Indowud NFC. If you chose to build a new structure using wood, whether a fence, pergola or the entire interior of the new home, you must consider protecting the investment of energy, effort, resources, time and money that goes into it. This can be done by using the right building material -Indowud nfc.

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NO wood is 100 % termite proof, However, the choices of wood could up to some extent influence the termite infestation. Here is the list of various species of trees that will behave differently with termites. With this, termite infestation is less likely but not impossible.

Cedar and White oak

Certain kinds of oils are found in a few species of Cedar ranging from Southern red cedar, western red cedar and yellow cedar that termites can’t bear at all. With time and age, the oils get evaporated and hence become prone to termite infestation. Cedar is quite popular when it comes to fencing and decking. White Oak is popularly used in flooring while red oak and black oak are less popular in terms of termite resistance.

Cypress and heartwood grade Lumber

Cypress has a straight grain and is popularly used for trims. It is unappealing to termites just like Heartwood grade lumber. Usually, the heartwood is from the inner parts of the trunk of a tree and it is much lower in cellulose. This makes it a perfect choice for using it in furniture.

Pressure-treated lumber

These are the ones available in the market and are mostly used where there Is direct contact with the ground. These are treated with insecticides to make sure of the longevity of the furniture. You could consider using these where there is a lot of outdoor exposure besides in the interior.

Pine, Walnut and spruce

Pine is affordable but provides the most hospitable environment for termites. Spruce is also mostly used in the United States and the United Kingdom. People usually use this in wet conditions and most of the time, termites enjoy both the wood species for binging. Another wood to avoid is the Peruvian walnut. 

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You could also protect the wood by setting it in concrete, painting and setting wood panels at least six inches above the ground surface.

With so many options in choosing wood, it is easy to misguide consumers by selling low-quality plywood as termite-proof, without educating the consumers about the natural tendency of wood being a palatable food for termites, and being susceptible to borers. Indowud NFC, on the other hand, is 100% termite proof solution for a lifetime. With no wood in it, Indowud nfc is recyclable, sustainable and doesn’t cause any damage to the environment.

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