Waterproof Plywood

Waterproof Plywood

Waterproof marine plywood price is on the higher side when compared to commercial plywood. Even the best waterproof plywood  is waterproof for a limited amount of time only., But in the market, when one looks at the sustainable point of view, Indowud nfc is a superior alternative of wood that looks, feels and can be handled like wood. Made of stubble and Virgin PVC resin Indowud nfc is 100 Termite proof, water proof and flame retardant.

Water proof plywood, also known as Marine grade plywood has been in the market for a few years now. The basic tendency ofeven the best waterproof plywood is to absorb moisture, due to which any plywood is prone to fungus, algae, discoloration, bacteria and moulding. To make any wood waterproof a simple coating of chemicals is applied. This layer protects the plywood against moisture. But only for a few years. Once the chemicals fade away, the treatment  is no longer effective in avoiding moisture absorbtion and hence leads to delamination, expansion and contraction. This is simply due to the method of how it is processed and wood’s  natural tendencies.

best waterproof plywood

Even the best waterproof plywood in India, the glue line breaks and veneers start to separate due to environmental changes. Indowud NFC is resistant to changes in the atmosphere and consequently, do not swell, shrink, splinter, crack or warp. Here, there is no distortion due to moisture or any algae/ fungus growth due to the same. These characteristics eliminate the need for continuous replacement and maintenance due to rot or decay. Thus it works out more feasible when compared to waterproof marine plywood price.

These boards have the specific qualities that make them suitable for applications in shipbuilding, decking , cladding or furniture around swimming pools, hilly resorts, facades or terrace furniture as rainwater, moisture, as waterlogging will not affect the installations.

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