Chairman Message

With over 30 years in the ply industry,
Mr. Bengani is respected as the founder of Uniply. Today, as the Chairman of Indowud NFC, he is pioneering natural fibre composite wood in India and the world.

Quality of the product is determined with performance and customer satisfaction. Customer’s accessibility to promoters provides confidence in product and ease to decide. This is the mantra I follow at Indowud nfc.

can we not design our homes without destroying forests?

After investing years and over a million dollars in global research, innovation and technology, we have the answer.

Indowud NFC, a sustainable agricultural-husk based wood is made with Ahimsa Design Philosophy. Zero trees are cut to make Indowud NFC. In fact, we believe it is the future of design technology. Mouldable and strong against destructive elements like extreme sun and UV heat, rain, water, snow, fire, termites and rats. It also has anti-bacterial properties to keep homes safe from bacteria.

Proudly Made in India, Indowud NFC is creating excitement globally.

Indowud NFC is the future, for the future. Deforestation is causing climate change, fires and toxic pollution. To stop this we need a revolution. What better place to start a revolution than our homes! Each of us – homeowners, builders, architects, designers and contractors, are the leaders of this revolution.

B L Bengani