What is NFC?

NFC is a Natural Fibre Composite, a composition of natural fibres (Agricultural husks) with minerals, additives and polymer resin for binding.

Is NFC better than plywood?

Yes, it is lifelong waterproof, termite proof besides being flame retardant.

Can A Craftsman Use NFC Boards Using Conventional Machines And Tools?

Yes, Indowud NFC is machinable with normal woodworking tools for cutting, screwing, drilling and CNC routing, just like any other plywood/MDF.

Is this product apt to use in exterior applications even in humid places?

Yes, Indowud NFC are weather & water proof and are also antifungal, anti-algae, anti-mold thereby making it best choice for all indoor and outdoor applications including humid and moist places.

Is it possible to use Indowud NFC around a swimming pool?

Yes, it can be used around a swimming pool and related furniture.

Is it possible to print, paint and polish on NFC Board?

Yes, Indowud NFC can be varnished and painted like any other wood product.

Is it possible to Affix Decorative Laminate and Veneer on the surface?

Yes, decorative veneer or high-pressure laminate may be affixed on the surface of Indowud NFC.

What is recommended adhesive to use with Indowud NFC?

We recommend using polymer based glue.

Is it worth investing in this product?

Keeping in mind lifelong serviceability as termite-proof and waterproof, as compared to plywood / MDF and option to buy back old furniture or scrap made out of NFC makes it a true value for money.

How is it a green building initiative?

Indowud is a zero wood product. It is manufactured using agriculture husk -The husk that is usually thrown away or burnt causing air pollution. In fact, our product is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly product.