What is NFC?


INDOWUD NFC Board, better known as the Natural Fibre Composite Board, is made from the composition of eco-friendly natural fibres & agro residuals, natural minerals & polyvinyl chloride, in addition to other fillers and additives. It is highly resistant to environmental influences and natural phenomena such as decay, corrosion, mould, fungal attacks and rot, besides being a termite-proof product.

Touted as complete value for money due to its waterproof and shield-like abilities against UV-Radiation, this board is a definitive and superior alternative to wood, plywood and MDF/HDF.

Apart from this, NFC boards can be easily shaped/cut with the help of conventional carpentry tools, just like wood or any other panel product. This product doesn’t swell or crack and is flame resistant as well. With a wealth of robust features and an infinite scope of applications, INDOWUD NFC Board is, without a doubt, the ultimate choice for all the architects, interior decorators and craftsmen looking to make their mark. It not only looks, feels and performs like precious wood but can be worked on, handled and maintained like wood too.

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Qualities of NFC

Termite proof

Water proof

Flame Resistant

Easily machinable




High screw & nail holding

“Nature is beautiful by itself, so what better than natural fibres to redefine building products?”

INDOWUD has endless possibilities, both in terms of usage and relevance. Ranging right from areas such as furniture, cabinets, false ceilings, roof tiles, deckings, window trims, wall panels, facades all the way to pergolas, the application of this next-generation product is endless.

It is surely gathering momentum to become the most widely used product option across the world, in various infrastructure projects, construction and building projects - in fact, entire houses are even being constructed in various countries just with it!

In addition, INDOWUD is starting to be regarded as plywood's replacement, suitable for all interior and exterior applications. This move is sure to largely (and responsibly) contribute to the preservation of our environment.

Advertisements, Signboards, Exhibition Stands, Commercial Kiosks, Hoardings, Banners, Danglers view more...


Roof Tiles, Cabinets, Benches, Almirahs, Dining Tables, Window Trims view more...


Security Rooms, Farmhouses, Campsites, Terrace Rooms, Pergolas, Facades view more...

Exterior applications

Wall Cladding, Siding, CNC Routed Walls/Pillars/Partitions/Decoratives view more...

Wall panelling

Staircase, Pooja Sections, False Ceilings, Kitchen Cabinets and Almirahs view more...

Kitchen & living area

Vanities, Wall Paneling, Marine applications view more...

Moist areas & bathroom

Garden Partitions, Seating Arrangements, Benches, fences view more...

Garden furnitures

AC Ventilation Systems, Heat & Sound Insulation, Control Panels, Switch Cabinets, Automobile Industry view more...

Electrical engineering

Inner Partitions, Clinics, Laboratories, Dance Floors, Traffic Sides, Exhibition Furniture view more...


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