CII has Certified Indowud nfc as Sustainable Green Product and

has awarded GreenPro ecolabel

A product which bears GreenPro Ecolabel has lower environment impact and contributes significantly for enhancing the performance of Green Buildings and Green Companies.

GreenPro Ecolabel is accredited by Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) through GENICES – GEN’s Internationally Coordinated Ecolabelling System.

A Pioneering wood that lets

the nation breathe freely.

INDOWUD NFC, better known as Natural Fibre Composite Board, is made from the composition of eco-friendly natural fibres (agricultural husks), natural minerals, polyvinyl chloride besides other fillers and additives. This product is highly resistant to decay, corrosion, moulding, fungal attack and rotting. It is termite proof and easily machinable.

Touted as complete value for money due to its waterproof and shield-like abilities against UV-Radiation, NFC is a definitive and superior alternative to wood, plywood and MDF/HDF.

Ahimsa Design Philosophy

Apart from this, NFC board can be easily shaped/cut with the help of conventional carpentry tools, just like wood or any other panel product. This product doesn’t swell or crack and is flame resistant as well. With a wealth of robust features and an infinite scope of applications, Indowud NFC board is, without a doubt, the ultimate choice for all the architects, interior decorators and craftsmen looking to make their mark. It not only looks, feels and performs like precious wood but can be worked on, handled and maintained like wood too.

Remark * – Indowud is not nfc plywood or wood fibre board. Wood fibre boards have wood particles, while NFC board has only agricultural husk.


Axe the axe, no more trees cut.


Healthy homes with anti-bacterial properties.


Ice, rain and water proof.


Mouldable and easy to design with.


Secure against termities and rodents.


Agricultural husk made, preventing air pollution from waste husk burning.