7 Reasons Why You Need To Opt For Fire Retardant Plywood

7 Reasons Why You Need To Opt For Fire Retardant Plywood

Wood has been one of the age-old materials in the world. Ever since the evolution of mankind, wood has been particularly popular due to its versatility. After many years, engineered wood by the name plywood also captured almost the entire market share. Architects and designers love creating artefacts and furniture with plywood. Only a few of them understand and wonder about the cost. 

Top Reasons To Choose Fire Retardant Plywood

  1. The idea of being prepared

The occurrence of fire is a highly unfortunate event. Only recently a factory that manufactured WPC came down to ashes due to fire. Using fire retardant plywood helps in fighting a fire to some extent. However, there are better alternatives like Indowud nfc that are self-extinguishing and don’t support flame spread. In most high rises, these days people are asking for fire fighting building materials. And this is a challenge most of the time.

  1. Escaping fire accident gets easier

Wood, due to its natural affinity to support fire, furniture gets quickly burnt. To counter this, most plywood brands have improved themselves in terms of quality and delayed the penetration of flames.

The loved ones in the house would get much time to escape in the unlikely event of fire, before the walls start disintegrating down to ashes.

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  1. Class 1 A rating

Indowood nfc has Vo rating, which means it Is self-extinguishing and doesn’t spread flames. This test is the best in its category. This unique material has been achieved due to the advancement of technology and innovative material in the market. No plywood is 100 % fire-resistant. Indowud is slowly increasing in popularity amongst the architect community for designing offices, restaurants and homes.

  1. Smoke suppressant features

In the unlikely event of fire, it is not the fire that kills people. In fact it is smoke inhalation. Every year there are millions of death cases reported only due to toxic fumes inhalation. Most wood-based panel products have VOCs in them and toxic chemicals that when burnt, emit hazardous smoke and a pungent smell. In this context, Indowood nfc is a smoke suppressant alternative to plywood which ensures that in the unlikely event of a fire, not only fire gets extinguished but also smoke is also suppressed.

  1. Flame retardant

Accidents happen without warning beforehand. Hence one must be precautionary and protect our homes and families against this hazard. Time and again we keep hearing about fire accidents in high rise buildings, Choosing the right materials makes a big difference. In fact Vo rated Indowood nfc self extinguishes within a few seconds once the source of fire is removed. This enhances the scope of providing safe homes

  1. Nanoparticles

Indowood nfc is an extruded material with agricultural husk making it 100 % environment friendly and recyclable. The compound also has additives that help in the suppression of smoke along with other features like anti-algae, anti-fungus, anti rodent and most importantly 100 % termite-proof.

  1. A smart Investment 

 Flame retardant characteristics are very important when we have to decide the best plywood for our homes. There are further features that also add value to the product like Indowud nfc, A superior alternative of wood.


The above are a few checklists that one must keep in mind before moving ahead to buy wood/plywood or even Indowood NFC boards.

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