Which Plywood Is Best For Modular Kitchen

Which Plywood Is Best For Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. In Indian households where food is essential to create memories, the amount of time an average person spends cooking is quite much.  It is pivotal in creating socialisation and bonding via conversations. Hence the functionality part has now accommodated efficiency and customisation as per the households. 

While modern kitchen designs ranging from L shaped, to C shaped to many more innovative designs primarily focus on the safety part besides the interior aesthetics. Most people install BWP or boiling waterproof plywood or Marine grade plywood simply because both resist moisture. As the heart of the home, modern kitchen designs are always in demand, but what about the safety part? 

BWP(Boiling water proof plywood) and marine grade plywood resist moisture and function well as kitchen storage. Or you can do both by installing both types of substrates on your walls.

Is there anything better than plywood for the kitchen?

While most households go in for plywood for cabinets. There is always a fear of moisture absorption leading to warpage. Not to forget that a kitchen is a place that needs maximum protection from moisture and fire. On the same lines, amongst various options available the most innovative alternative of wood for kitchen cabinets is Indowud nfc. It adds excellent protection against moisture, heat, and shock. Its simple design makes it easy to work with. 

Usually, the kitchen provides a perfect habitat due to its humid environment, borers and termites also start breeding within no time. 

Indowud NFC is the solution for safety, strength, and durability. It is designed to withstand moisture, temperature extremes, and abuse for your kitchen cabinets. Indowud for the kitchen is the future of the kitchen. Zero VOC emission and ROHS certification of Indowud enables safe homes. In fact, the V0 rating which is equivalent to class 1A in fire rating makes sure that there is no fire spread at all. Inhaling toxic smoke also leads to casualties. To address this Indowud has smoke suppressants and no toxic gases are released.

Indowud can be polished to give it a shiny and gleaming look that looks nice. In fact, any kind of finish is easily possible just like plywood. Indowud for kitchens is gaining popularity simply because of its versatility and functionality. The kitchen represents abundance and prosperity to the Indians. From cooking up delicious food for the family to serving delicious snacks for guests and friends, the kitchen is where life happens. If you are looking at giving your kitchen a makeover, Indowud is a must-visit.

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