Are you Designing a Yacht or a Luxury Cruise?

Are you Designing a Yacht or a Luxury Cruise?

The ship, boat and yacht building industries have seen remarkable innovation and growth in recent years. Luxury cruises are extravagant and aesthetically mindblowing. Till recently, timber was being primarily used in the interiors but often many challenges come with it.

The crucial problems with wood-based panel products are low resistance to safety against flames and smoke in the unlikely event of a fire. Furthermore, termite attacks, water absorption,
caulking and seasonal variations make it difficult for creating a valuable product for the long term. But today, with the advancement in technology, these challenges can be addressed. Indowud nfc offers dynamic design solutions that can substitute the conventional materials in this naval industry, thereby overcoming the shortcomings.

This unique product has been developed keeping global warming in mind and to support the environment. It is made of zero-wood sustainable agri- residuals like rice husk, together with features like termite proof, waterproof, resistance to algae, fungus and bacteria. Besides all these, the product comes with flame retardant and smoke suppressant feature for greater safety. No harmful ingredients are used in manufacturing, so there are no problems of emissions either.

The product is fully recyclable and its extraordinary features only make it most efficient building material for the maritime industry. The extravagance and aesthetics of the naval vehicles are sure to last long with Indowud nfc.

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