Use The Right Plyboard To Ensure In The Green Movement And Sustainability

Use The Right Plyboard To Ensure In The Green Movement And Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the most talked-about and most treasured topics that have a direct connection with the generations to come. While on one hand we are searching life on Mars and Jupiter and at the same time the lifeline on earth; the trees are being cut at an alarming rate. With efficient use of natural resources, responsibility for ecological viability is also to be taken care of.

Each one of us when we look around, there are building materials that are used without considering the impact on the environment. Furniture, whether used in exterior or interior applications, is made with plywood or WPC’s. The future of human beings on this planet depends upon trees and if we keep cutting down at this rate, we are contributing to imbalances.

There have been countries like Bangladesh that have banned deforestation and logging for plywood. The best quality of raw material came from these places. But soon, environmentalists realised that it was time to innovate alternatives of plywood without compromising on the quality.

Using the right wood/plywood

Any wood or plywood comes at the cost of nature. Are we willing to pay the price is the big question. There are superior alternates of wood in the market that are sustainable, recyclable and environment friendly. Indowud NFC is one product that believes in the ideology of creating without destroying. We all constantly face the problem of termite infestation in our homes. In fact even the best quality of plywood is prone to termite attacks because of the inherent nature of wood in itself. Once the anti-termite chemical fades, every wood is termite-prone. In sharp contrast, Indowud nfc is 100% termite-proof, simply because of the raw material which has zero wood in it. 

Creative designs and Applications

Indowud can be used in exterior and interior applications with ease. It withstands cyclic changes, moisture absorption and UV rays for a long time, unlike plywood which starts to delaminate, swells and shrinks if used outdoors. A sustainable material that offers such benefits over plywood is rare to find. Besides allowing complete freedom to architects and designers to create any design due to the feature of thermoformability, Indowud nfc is also free from any emissions. 

Safe and healthy homes 

Sustainability and caring for the environment also means valuing life; in any form. Indowud does not add to any kind of wastage to the planet as it is 100 % recyclable. The leftover trims are pulverised to form the raw material for NFC boards. Unlike plywood which has formaldehyde glue between veneer layers for binding and strength, Indowud NFC is free from such harmful carcinogenic adhesives. Indowud is green pro certified and is  ROHS certified, which advocates safety inside and outside the homes. Its special feature of being an anti rodent, anti-algae, anti-mould, anti-bacteria and anti-fungus makes it an excellent choice for use in facades, garden furniture, furniture around the swimming pool area, rooftop restaurants, pergolas and what not!

Flame retardant

It is the inherent nature of wood to support combustion. Indowud nfc is flame retardant, doesn’t support the flame spread and has got the best rating in the test. (V0 rating: equalant to class 1/A) Furthermore, It has smoke suppressants that make the home safer. It is a well-known fact that it is not just the fire that kills people, it is the smoke inhalation that causes a fatality.

On one hand, such features, freedom to create and apply are available with sustainable Indowud nfc, while on the other, plywood, wood and WPCs are only increasing the carbon footprint.

Today, People are being aware of the green movement and environmental-friendly buildings. At the same time, some technologies have been developed by innovators and engineers to create responsible options in the building industry.

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