Fire Retardant Plywood

Indowud NFC: Offering Fire Safe Solutions for Your Homes

Understanding Fire Retardant Boards

Many manufacturers of fire retardant boards use chemical treatments to provide resistance against ignition, flame spread, and flame penetration. However, as these chemicals wane over time, the fire-rated boards return to their inherent flammable nature.

Fire Resistant Board vs. Fire Retardant Insulation Board: A Market Dilemma

The market offers two major choices: fire resistant boards and fire retardant insulation boards. Both these options tout features that seem contradictory to the inherent flammable nature of wood. To address this issue, we introduce Indowud NFC, a groundbreaking solution for all interior and exterior furnishing applications.

The Unique Fire Safety Quality of Indowud NFC

Indowud NFC is a self-extinguishing product. This means once the source of fire is removed, it ceases to burn, offering an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

The Invisible Threat: Toxic Smoke

Manufacturers of fire retardant boards are well aware of the toxic smoke generated during a fire. Despite their adherence to IS 5509-2000 standards, these boards may still pose a threat, as smoke inhalation often leads to more casualties during a fire than the flames themselves.

Indowud NFC: Championing Health and Safety

Indowud NFC effectively addresses this issue, with results proving its efficacy in enhancing safety. In sectors like healthcare, hospitality, and residential buildings where fire safety is paramount, Indowud NFC emerges as a trusted solution. Its low flammability (Class 1/A) as classified by International Maritime Organization (IMO) specifications also makes it an ideal product for marine applications such as yachts, boats, and shipbuilding.

The Value for Money and Lifelong Serviceability of Indowud NFC

In terms of cost, fire retardant boards align closely with Indowud NFC. However, when considering lifelong serviceability and superior features, Indowud NFC offers unbeatable value for money. Excelling in flame spread index, smoke developed index, and flammability tests, Indowud NFC goes a step further by not emitting harmful gases and holding a V0 rating in the UL 94 test.