No Properties NFC PVC Foam Board Plywood MDF
1 Density (Kg/CBM) 650-850 300-500 650-750 600-700
2 Raw materials Natural fibres and Thermoplastics PVC and fillers material Medium/soft wood, formal dehyde, phenol,urea Medium/ softwood Formaldehyde, urea
3 Termite proof
4 Water and moisture proof For some time
5 Flame resistant
6 Nail/screw holding capacity Excellent Poor Good Reasonable
7 Conventional tools
8 Overlaying veneer and laminating Not always
9 Outdoor / Indoor applications Both indoor & outdoor Preferably indoor Mostly indoor Only indoor
10 Shrinking/ Swelling/ Splinter
11 Weather and ageing resistant
12 Environment friendly

Available dimensions: Indowud NFC Boards are generally available in 8’ X 4’ – 6 mm, 8mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm and 25 mm.
However customised dimensions are available in any size and thickness. Density may vary by 5 %.

Please check with us for further details.

  • Suggested glue: Fevicol Probond
  • For seamless joinery – apply glue on the edges

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