Reasons Why Fire Retardant Plywood Is Important?

Reasons Why Fire Retardant Plywood Is Important?

Fire safety is one of the most important features any architect or a homeowner wants. The safety of loved ones is the supreme priority. Fire retardancy in building material has been quite a concern. People are now aware of flame spreading, smoke generation, toxic gas emissions, and flame penetration in plywood as well. All these factors have been taken into consideration by builders to select the best fire retardant plywood.

However, advanced technology and innovation in conventional plywood have made fire retardant plywood efficient. Various treatments are done to make it a low flammable product. But challenges in fire retardant plywood remain unchecked.

Few challenges are as follows :

The formal dehyde chemical, which is used in gluing the veneer sheets are carcinogenic in nature. This chemical also burns to emit toxic gases and heavy smoke in the unlikely event of a fire accident. 

Once the chemicals fade away, even the features of fire retardant plywood become questionable. The natural tendency of wood is to support fire. This tendency is suppressed with treatments and chemicals.

Indowud nfc as a flame retardant board:

To counter this, Indowud nfc is a perfect choice. Indowud nfc is a self extinguishing product when the source of fire is removed or eliminated.

It’s been tested for flame retardancy and has got V0 rating in UL94 test as per the Underwriter’s laboratory test 94 which means the burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical product. Indowud nfc has been classified under low flammability (Class 1/A) in the Indian testing laboratories which is the best rating for a composite material.

Flame spread index is the measurement for the speed at which flames progress across the interior surface of a building, while the smoke-developed index measures the amount of smoke the product emits as it burns. In projects like health care, hospitality, etc almost all facilities require the product to meet the ASTME84 standards. One might die due to suffocation caused by smoke and gases than fire by itself. Indowud nfc is a smoke suppressant.

A fire retardant plywood or a flame retardant nfc board will restrict the flame spread and give some time for escaping. Indowud nfc does not support the flame spread and thus is an ideal choice for Residential & commercial projects, shipbuilding applications, and for designing any exterior grade furniture. Indowud is not only flame retardant, but also 100 % termite proof, waterproof and thermoformable. The product is ROHS certified and has no VOC emissions. It is suitable for any kind of outdoor furniture and furniture around moist areas.


  • Is any plywood fire retardant?

No, Certain additives are added and a few chemical treatments are done to make a plywood fire retardant. However, it is often observed that the bigger risk is the smoke that can be hazardous to life than fire in itself. Indowud nfc is a flame retardant building material. It doesn’t spread flame.

  • Can Indowud be used in Ship building?

Yes, Due to low flammability, Indowud NFC caters to all the specifications required by the Indian Maritime Organisation (IMO) making it an ideal product for yachts, boats, and shipbuilding applications. Apart from this, Indowud NFC is a waterproof and termite-proof material. This is in sharp contrast with plywood, as plywood’s resistance to moisture and fire is only until the chemicals don’t fade away.

  • How effective is Fire retardant plywood for smoke suppressants?

Indowud nfc is flame-retardant and unlike plywood, it doesn’t emit any toxic gases or VOCs when burnt. Indowud when burnt, self extinguishes when taken away from the source and emits low smoke. This means enhanced safety not only against fire but also against suffocation due to inhaling gases.

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