Waterproof Board

Indowud NFC: Revolutionizing Water-Proof Solutions

The Limitations of Traditional Water-Proof Plywood

Water-proof plywood, including the so-called ‘marine-grade’ varieties, have long been present in the market. Despite being marketed as the best water-proof solutions, these boards absorb moisture over time. This moisture absorption leads to the growth of fungus, algae, discoloration, and moulding, even in the highest-quality water-resistant boards.

Although chemical coatings offer temporary protection against moisture, their effectiveness wanes with time, resulting in issues such as delamination and expansion.

Weighing the Cost: Water-Proof Board Price

Water-proof marine plywood often comes with a hefty price tag, especially when compared to commercial plywood. Moreover, these boards offer limited water-resistance and need frequent replacement and maintenance, adding to the total cost. In contrast, Indowud NFC offers a sustainable, long-lasting solution that outperforms even the best water-proof plywood, providing great value for money.

Introducing Indowud NFC: The Superior Water-Proof Alternative

Crafted from stubble and virgin PVC resin, Indowud NFC redefines water-proof solutions. Our boards are not only 100% water-proof, termite-proof, and flame-retardant, but they also mimic the natural look, feel, and workability of wood.

The Indowud NFC Advantage: Resilient to Environmental Changes

Unlike conventional water-proof plywood, which often warps, shrinks, or cracks due to environmental changes, Indowud NFC boards stand the test of time. These boards resist distortions caused by moisture and prevent the growth of algae and fungus. Their durable nature reduces the need for continuous replacements and maintenance, offering a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Explore the Versatility of Indowud NFC Boards

Indowud NFC boards are perfect for a wide array of applications. From shipbuilding and decking to poolside furniture and hill resort claddings, our boards hold up excellently against rain, moisture, and waterlogging. Indowud NFC partners with you to combine responsibility and design, ensuring your installations stand strong and beautiful for years to come.