Substitute of wood in India: Today’s Modern Interior Decor

Substitute of wood in India: Today’s Modern Interior Decor

Modern interior design originates from the 19th Century and spans the entire 20th century. Conventionally most buildings were made using stone, brick, mud and wood. These design materials were used primarily because of ease of availability and strength. As and when modernisation took place, these traditional materials were added with glass, concrete and steel on a large scale. 

Form and Function

Form and Function are the two pillars of design revolving around minimalism and contemporary visuals.

At various homes, space planning is also a vital part due to the constantly prioritising efficient utilisation of empty spaces for furniture, shelf, artwork or cupboard – all in alignment with minimalism. With Indowud NFC it is easy to design spaces in the interior and exterior due to its versatility in applications.

Modernity in design spaces helps in unwinding and having clarity of thought. Natural palette inspired by the environment and organic textures on Indowud nfc, laminates and paints create warmth and comfort.

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Floor Plan

A diagram of a room, building, home or project that depicts the bird’s eye view along with the measurements, furniture, appliances, and anything relevant to the purpose is called a floor plan. A floor plan is essential because it makes it easy for wiring systems, and finalising the furniture placements and is a valuable document.

It is advised that the spaces must be measured using measuring tape and make sure the walls are parallel concerning the accessories like furniture. Besides that, it is essential to note the switches, vents, thermostats, electrical wires and stabiliser. Depending upon the purpose of the room, other furniture has to be placed accordingly like curtains, computer screens, placement of chairs, the opening of wardrobe shutters and much more.

Ideal Colour Palette

Usually white is the most neutral colour globally. Colours speak volumes about personalities, environment and the vibe. Most people go for 3D interior rendering to have a fair idea about how the space would look before the real construction of the building/project. 

It is a fact that colours set an impression, trigger feelings, and emotions and set a tone for brand identity. As per colour psychology, there is a meaning to every colour. While Red shows leadership and dynamism, Black shows creativity. Dark Blue shows organisation, white is for calmness, orange is for energy and green is for growth. A lot of people like to throw vibrant colours on cushion covers, art decor, boho blinds and signature chairs.

Modern Flooring

Modernism in today’s world is all about stone, leather, earth-toned colours inspired by nature, impressive yet minimal. There are no bright pops of candy colours that obstruct the visual alignment and is a fine balance of all the elements. The range of tiles scales from modern tiles giving the look of natural concrete or stone to natural stone look tile floors. There is also wood- like tile floors which are most commonly used besides large format tile floors.

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There are vinyl sheet-based options available for flooring.

Modern furniture

With the furniture industry reaching its boom, the design ideas and functioning of the furniture have become efficient, classy and sustainable. There has been enough usage of cane, recycled glass and eco-friendly alternatives to plywood/wood. One such alternate is Indowud nfc which is 100% termite proof, waterproof, flame retardant and smoke suppressant. Using the feature of thermoformability and CNC routing, classic artefacts and furniture have been made. Besides Indowud is 100 % ecofriendly, sustainable and recyclable.

Dining tables or coffee tables with sharp edges have become a thing of the past. These days with noise-cancellation technology, there are silent hinges, accessories and barriers to having a peaceful home. Some conventional utility beds never go out of style. The best beds came with a bed frame behind the headrest for storing bedsheets and quilts while below the bed there were drawers to keep any sort of clutter away.

Natural Composite Board

Contemporary architecture is about form and functionality that optimises space, and gives character to the project besides being resourceful. Designing houses have become quite an adventure with the number of available options in building materials, especially in the sustainable category like Indowud NFC. Also, it is to be noted that Indowud is not a WPC plyboard or Wood Polymer composite, It is in fact Natural fibre Composite board, made with agricultural husk.

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