Top Nine Reasons Why Indowud Is The Best Choice For Home Decor

Top Nine Reasons Why Indowud Is The Best Choice For Home Decor

Indowud NFC is a natural fibre composite material made with Agri husk as the primary ingredient. Any kind of agricultural residues can be used to make these boards. PVC resin is the bonding agent and furthermore, additives and minerals are also added to make this superior alternate to wood.

The top nine reasons why in the NFC is best choice are:

1) Termite proof

Indowud is 100% Termite Proof material. Agri husks are by nature abrasive and hence termites can’t chew them. Besides this, certain additives are added to make Indowud  NFC a termite-proof material. It would be surprising to know that termites penetrate WPC as there is would content in it. In fact, termites attack PVC Foam Boards also. Termites may not be able to eat, but penetrate it by making holes in them. They do this to search for ligneous materials. This is precisely the reason why various PVC pipes have holes in them. Various researchers have testified this fact.

2) Waterproof 

Indowud is a waterproof material. Despite the cyclic changes Indowud does not shrink or swell. It is weatherproof and is suitable for resorts near oceans or on hill stations. It can be used in humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms with ease in addition to exterior applications like pergolas, elevations, fences, gates, benches and much more.

3) Flame retardant

Indowud is a self-extinguishing product. Indowud NFC doesn’t support fire spread and has got V 0  rating, under the UL 94 test and class 1/A under the ASTM E 84. This means that the flame droppings will not burn the nearby furniture. Besides, Indowud NFC has certain additives that make it a smoke suppressant. There have been numerous cases where smoke has proved to be fatal than the fire itself.

4) Thermoformable

Indowud NFC gives infinite possibilities to create artefacts and furniture of any shape by moulding. Just like solid surfaces, these can be thermoformed in machines or by using a simple heat gun. Upon heating, the features of NFC don’t change. Hence any idea can be converted to aesthetic and artistic creation.

5) Zero VOCs

Plywood releases emissions that are carcinogenic. Indowud has no VOCs and has been certified ROHS (Restriction of Harmful Substances) by European standards. Choosing Indowud means choosing a safe environment. So, one can rest assured of healthy living.

6) Anti algae, anti fungal, anti-rodent, anti bacterial.

Indowud being a waterproof product doesn’t allow fungi, algae, or bacterial growth on it. Indowud is anti rodent also. One can rest assured about these problems when used in exterior or interior applications.

7) Eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable

When alternates of wood-based panel products are available which are eco-friendly, sustainable & recyclable, It is its responsible to choose green building products. Indowud recycles the leftover trims and hence zero wastage is created. 

8) Acoustic properties 

When making a studio, theatre or auditorium, Indowud is an apt choice. Its response to channelize sound waves along the grains  makes it ideal for usage in such areas.  

9) Easy workability 

Indowud looks, feels, and can be handled like wood in many ways. The rough surface makes it easy for staining, painting, and printing. Veneers and laminates can be easily overlayed on them. No special tools or machines are needed to handle NFC boards. Conventional carpentry tools can be used on it. Plywood-like density offers good screw holding capacity.


1. What is Ahimsa design philosophy that Indowud has incorporated?

There is no need to cut trees as there is no use of wood in production of Indowud nfc. Accordingly, no harm to green belt and no habitants are disturbed. Indowud believes in the principles of coexistence – live and let live. 

2. How chosing green products like Indowud nfc contribute to greener earth?

 Indowud nfc is a product synonymous with sustainability and innovation. Chosing Indowud means supporting environment, preserving flora and fauna and maintaining the ecological balance. This also means zero deforestation, zero VOC’s and zero 

3. State Indowud’s mission

We would continue our investments in research to become pioneers in eco friendly sustainable products – harmless environment human and other living beings. At the same time, to propagate among the Architects, designers, builders and home owners to join with us in our mission for alternates of wood and wood product where ever possible.

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