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Selection Of Raw Material

From the available vast resources in nature itself, we carefully identify and select the best natural fibres. These fibres when mixed with minerals, coupling agents, UV stabilisers and necessary additives under calibrated pressure and monitored temperature – acquire the desired density, attributes and strength.

Matrix formulation

These polymers and fibres, when mixed with minerals, coupling agents, heat stabilizers and necessary additives under monitored temperature and pressure, forms a homogeneous matrix which is responsible for the bonding between the polymers and fibres.

Interface Strength

The bonds and the density of the compound are the deciding factors in the interfacial strength of each board. This is achieved with a mathematical accuracy of fibre dispersion and interfacial bonding to achieve better impact resistance and internal strength of Indowud NFC boards


The compound is then extruded under controlled temperature in a continuous process through various calibration pads. The cooling bracket is the final stage of the process flow. After which the boards are taken for further processing like transverse cutting and trimming.

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