Indowud NFC V/s WPC(Wood-Plastic Composites)/PVC Foam Boards

WPC Boards are produced having wood content from 2-25 PHR (100 parts of PVC) followed with other processing additives and woodlike pigments. Whereas indowud NFC distinguishes itself from WPC due to its density, features, and strength. The zero wood fiber contents used in indowud NFC is 110 PHR. Certain additives are added to make the product 100 percent Termite proof, smoke suppressant, and flame retardant. Superior nail holding in comparison to WPC/ PVC Foam Board makes it suitable for exterior and interior applications.

In fact, easy overlaying of laminates and veneers is much easier due to the surface processing that looks and feels like plywood. While talking about environmental friendliness, Indowud doesn't have cellulose wood content in it, So one can be rest assured that no tree has to be chopped for creating masterpieces.

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