Over the years, the construction and housing sector has witnessed considerable growth and innovation. With increasing awareness of social responsibility, environmental change and global warming, the need for a superior replacement for natural timber is at an all-time high.
Our INDOWUD NFC (Natural Fibre Composite) Board is a green building product that can address the shortcomings of plywood and other products, in a manner that brings everybody one step closer to the resourcefulness of the environment. Its unique engineering with high-fibre content makes the utmost use of surplus by-products created during farming. Thus, co-existing with the farming community. Without contributing to deforestation or environmental harm, Indowud NFC is a friend of the earth in every aspect and a companion to every architect and interior designer. This product is a perfect example of a combination of nature and science complimenting each other to make a sustainable product. It looks, feels and performs like plywood despite having no wood, without felling a single tree.
That is why it is truly a superior alternative of wood having an infinite scope of indoor and outdoor applications.

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