7 Creative Ways To Use Plywood: Home Decor for Living Room

Home Decor for Living Room

Gone are the days when plywood was only restricted to making furniture and cabinets. These days plywood has become a versatile material that can be used anywhere and everywhere, whether it is interior, exterior or even structural applications, but with its challenges and limits. However, with advancements in technology, there are building materials that offer the inherent advantages of wood along with added features. Besides addressing the challenges and limitations of wood/plywood, one such material, Indowud nfc proves to be a superior alternate of wood and plywood in many ways. The living room is the most special place of the home where most memories are made. Indowud just adds to the ambiance.

advancements in technology
advancements in technology

Indowud NFC in thermoformed artefacts 

Thermoforming is a unique feature that Indowud nfc offers. With this one can create any design in furniture, artefacts that stand out and can alternatively be used as a statement lighting in the living room. One can design an exclusive coffee table or a Sofa simply by thermoforming it. In fact, There have been spiral staircases of villas and bungalows that have been cladded with thermoformed sheets to give a sophisticated and urban look to the houses. 

Indowud nfc in wall cladding

Walls are such a brilliant space that often shows the personality of the residents and the designers. Indowud nfc can be used for wall cladding. It can be modified to the desired shapes and any creative patterns can be made using this material. An added advantage of this is that Indowud nfc is water proof and termite proof. It arrests the entry of termites from the walls itself. It can be printed, painted and even overlaid with laminates. 

indowud nfc in wall cladding
indowud nfc in wall cladding

Indowud nfc in flooring

The entry of termites primarily is from the ground, and after that, they make their entry up to the houses and eat away any wood they can find. Using Indowud nfc in flooring is a solution to keep termites at bay. Apart from the fact that these are anti-skid, they offer benefits like being an anti rodent, anti-bacteria and anti fungi making the living area a comfortable zone. 

indowud nfc in flooring
indowud nfc in flooring

Indowud nfc in Balcony 

Beautiful balconies are usually an extension of living rooms. One can decorate that space with Green plants, curios, swings, lighting and what not ! Being a UV resistant and waterproof product, Indowud nfc can be used for making cupboards and railings. Furthermore, one can rest assured about the changes in the material due to cyclic changes like swelling and shrinkage of the board. Being anti-fungal, anti-algae and anti-moulding, its shelf life is the longest.

beautiful balconies boards
beautiful balconies boards

Indowud nfc in False ceiling

Indowud nfc can be used to create chic patterns in the false ceiling. With easy overlaying of laminates and veneers, one can use this effortlessly. A frame or support has to be provided and one is free from any problems that plywood or wood might bring in. These days architects and designers are thermoforming trims and creating exclusive designs using different angles effortlessly in the ceilings. With Indowud there is no limitation in imagination, designing and execution.

Indowud in Furniture

Indowud for cabinetry can be durable, less expensive and can be designed according to one’s taste and space available. The most unique feature is that Indowud nfc is ROHS certified, which means that is safe to use and has no harmful chemicals used in it. Unlike plywood, which uses formaldehyde in resin Indowud nfc is safe for homes. These volatile emissions are carcinogenic. It is a flame retardant and smoke suppressant and this feature add to the safety of homes.

Indowud nfc for kitchens

Most European homes and contemporary living rooms have an open kitchen that is just a continuation of the living room in itself. One can make cupboards, countertops easily. These are convenient to maintain and are excellent in wet areas around the sink. The furniture can be painted to have many finishes or simply can have one coat of sealant to retain the beautiful grains on it. Indowud looks and feels like wood/plywood.

With these 7 places to use Indowud one can make a responsible, yet classy choice for interiors.  Living room can be a warm and cozy place to live without cutting even a single tree. One can create without destroying, It is all about the choices that we make today, that will affect our tomorrow. Let us chose sustainability with style.

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