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Innovation, improvisation and contribution are the dynamic principles of Life. I subscribe to the theory that any business must align with the health & overall progress of society.

After spending over 30 years in the plywood industry and being the founder of Uniply – a brand reverberating quality and divesting at an appropriate time, I realized, there was a need for change. That is when I came up with Indowud NFC – Natural Fibre Composite Boards, the first of its kind in India as a futuristic and sustainable option, keeping in mind termite menace in the Indian subcontinent.

These boards are made from natural fibres, minerals and polymer compounds and are sure to address the shortcomings of plywood, MDF and wood.

Termite proof, waterproof and flame resistant features make it a favourable option for architects, interior designers and craftsmen for all interior and exterior applications.

While plywood comes at a cost of deforestation, Indowud is truly a green building initiative. The journey has just begun and miles to join us in our endeavour to conserve, protect and respect the environment by living responsibly.


B L Bengani

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