"INDOWUD NFC distinguishes itself from natural timber, hardwood and rest of the available wood susbstitutes, simply because the bio - based ingredients make it an environment friendly wood substitute. One look, one touch and you know that it is INDOWUD NFC - The superior alternate of plywood."

INDOWUD NFC board, better known as Natural Fibre Composite Board, is made from the composition of eco-friendly natural fibres & agro residuals, natural minerals, polyvinyl chloride besides other fillers and additives. This product is highly resistant to decay, corrosion, moulding, fungal attack and rotting. It is termite proof and easily machinable. This board is a complete value for money because it is waterproof and fights against UV radiations. Hence, making it a superior alternative to wood, plywood and MDF/HDF.

Apart from this, NFC boards can be easily shaped/cut with the help of conventional carpentry tools or any other panel product. This product doesn’t swell or crack and is flame resistant too. Such robust features and infinite scope of applications make it the ultimate choice for all the architects, interior decorators and craftsmen.

INDOWUD, the next generation product is here to make a revolution in line with global designs and standards.

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